My Dogs

I am shahar
I opened this blog to share with everyone my life with my princesses
And I mean princesses I mean my dogs
One is called Polly
Polly is a special Canaanite shepherd
With an independent, friendly and happy character.
We adopted Polly six years ago
She was found in a military base when she was a puppy and reached animal cruelty
The day after I got there I arrived with my mother to adopt a dog.
The moment I saw her I could not take another dog
The look and connection was too strong to let go
I immediately took it without hesitation!
The other pet and my girl Niki
She is a two-year-old racist Pomeranian.
I bought it for my girlfriend two years ago.
Niki is a walking happiness!
A cute blond lump of fur with a sweet, bouncy character.
You can not ignore her presence everywhere.
Niki is a nervous little bitch. Everyone on the street will try to attack.
Although its small size is not a sucker at all
Flinging great dogs without fear
As soon as they get home, she jumps screaming
She asks where she was and how long did I have to wait?
She was associated with the whole family
Lunch with my mother in the evening with an old father
In conclusion
Dogs are a whole world
Dog love is free love
Adopt a dog!
Be happy!